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Welcome to Magviz DDial Anonymous Online Chat. Login today without any requirements for registration. Access to anonymous online chat is instantaneous, simply press Enter at the login prompt and you are connected right away.

Once online you can connect and chat without others anonymously. Easily change your username to anything you wish without hassle, and change it as frequently as wish. All users are connected via Line Numbers to provide a unique identifer. These line numbers allow you to send private messages to others.

If you wish to become a member, your anonymity remains; the only requirement is a valid email address in the event you forget your password.

Privacy and anonymity is important to us. No messages are recorded and no history of messages are shown to others coming online. Magviz is a Relay System only, message in, message out, no tracking.

Connect to our secure anonymous and free online chat for a unqiue experience and the many other interactive social features.

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